Yard Waste Services

Monday Pick-Up

Schedule runs April through March of each year.

Annual Yard Waste Program: Available for Raytown area customers only at $132.00 per year, must be paid in advance. 95 Gallon containers are available for annual program customers only at a one-time deposit of $20.00, limit two containers per customer. There is no need to call prior to scheduled Mondays. 

On Call Yard Waste Pick Ups: Available for established customers only at $3 per paper bag or bundle of branches. Call by Thursday to schedule your pickup for the following Monday's service. Customer containers will not be accepted for on-call pick ups, yard waste set out in customer containers will not be emptied. 

Pickup Guidelines for Yard Waste:

  • All yard waste must be in PAPER YARD WASTE BAGS or bundled, plastic bags will not be accepted. 
  • Yard waste MUST be curbside by 7am on Mondays
  • Yard waste bags cannot weigh more than thirty-five (35) pounds.
  • Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, and small tree limbs and twigs.
  • Tree limbs must be smaller than six (6) inches in diameter.
  • Brush/tree limbs must be tied with twine or rope in bundles of 18" in diameter by 36" in length.
  • A combination of 10 bags or bundles of limbs allowed each week. for annual program customers.
  • 95 gallon containers are equal to 5 yard waste bags.
  • No bag limit for on-call requests.
***March 2017 pick up dates from previous calendar year: March 20,27

Yard Waste Pick Up Dates 2017 - 2018
April 2017 3,10,17,24
May 2017 1,8,15,22
June 2017 5,12,19,26
July 2017 3,10,17,24,31
August 2017 7,14,21,28
September 2017 11,18,25
October 2017 2,9,16,23,30
November 2017 6,13,20,27
December 2017 4,11,18
March 2018 19,26

Non-Pickup Dates 2017-2018
May 2016=7 29
September 2017 4
December 2017 25
January 2018 1,8,15,22,29
February 2018 5,12,19,26
March 2018 5,12
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